4. 75  Stars  on ZocDoc

  4.75 Stars on ZocDoc



I could never say thank you enough for a professional, who goes beyond the norm, where others would have just set aside a child with some challenges and concentrate on those who have none.




I sincerely respect and appreciate you and your ability to feel for your clients. Your work has the potential to make a difference and I am grateful personally and professionally for people like you.




Linda diagnosed me correctly for the first time in my life—my grades increased from an average of 64 to 85 within 6 months.



Linda enabled me to see my career in a whole new light.Her guidance and support gave me a confidence that I had not felt in a long time, which in turn enabled me to feel creative and productive again.


For me, there was no one else I would rather have turned to than Linda. I had recently had a baby, lost my mother, and was unhappy with my work situation. She has been my coach both personally and professionally and a long-term mentor.

Linda is known for her interpersonal skills.She was recognized and rewarded on a regular basis as a highly talented coach in an organization of over 16,000 people. She won awards for her staff retention and promoting the growth of individuals.I have seen her skills first hand and I remember the first time I had a one-on-one meeting with her.She helped me to define my goals for success, understand the steps to reach this success and then consistently performance managed me through to over-achieving my goals.I mentioned to her at the time, that in four hours of coaching, she had taught me more then in my entire career


Coming to my sessions with Linda is like Mother’s Day every week. She is my “Lucky Star,” helping to guide me through various challenges, such as: improving my communication with my family and spouse, facilitating an improvement in my self-esteem, helping me organize the household finances, enabling me to kick start my fitness program and improving my abilities to set boundaries with my young child.


I sought out Linda with the hopes of meeting someone who is incredibly empathetic and very communicative as well as interactive and I was happy to have found exactly that. My first session was great and despite needing to go over some initial background information of what brought me there, I found the setting and her presence to be very comforting. It was easy for me to open up and speak my mind without feeling judged in any way. Prior to this I was meeting with a gentleman that didn't offer much feedback and that I was reluctant to open up with. Seeing Linda brought a new light to psychotherapy where she pointed out where I was minimizing my efforts when I should be proud of my progress. I will certainly be seeing her again for future sessions. 



LINDA GENUINELY CARES. I’m going through one of the most traumatic situations I have ever experienced. This is the type of situation that neither friends nor family can help. One night I was spinning, I felt like I was suffocating of sadness. I needed to talk to someone who was objective to my situation, a professional. I needed advice. I researched on ZocDoc for a therapist, I found Linda. All her reviews were so positive. Unlike other therapists I have seen, she doesn’t just let me talk and then end every sentence with ‘and how does that make you feel?’ She actually states her opinion based on what she hears you telling her, she provides input and guidance. And she never makes me feel judged. Her mission is to help me understand what I want, help me understand the reasoning behind my behaviors. This has helped me feel less ashamed and guilty for my actions and more sure of myself. This has also helped me stop certain behaviors that are negative to my well-being. I have been seeing her now for six months. She is creating such a positive effect on my life. She is making me feel so appreciative for all that I have. She is helping me realize what I want out of life. Linda is a psychotherapist because it is her calling. She became a psychotherapist well after she was well-off from another career. She is a psychotherapist because she wants to help people, because she genuinely cares.


Through my work with Linda, I was able to find the confidence and strength I needed to turn my life around. Her knowledge and kind demeanor allowed me to create a safe place to examine my life's journey and the relationships in it. In addition to her therapeutic skills, Linda always made it clear she was here to help me in any capacity, so at times that meant looking at paper work and filling it out together or working with my budget to continue my therapy. Overall, I highly recommend Linda if you are seeking to find or create ease or comfort in your day-to-day life. She is a knowledgeable practitioner who has years of experience and many gifts to offer.


Always right on time, Linda Garcia-Rose is the best therapist I've ever seen, and I've seen a handful. Totally nonjudgmental, an amazing listener, and gives the best advice. This is my third time seeing her and I'm really looking forward to continuing therapy, and SO happy I was able to find her on ZocDoc. She thinks of things I never would have thought of, and is really good and putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me. Never condescending, never robotic, while also being respectful of boundaries. Thank you, Linda, for being so amazing and helping me through this difficult time


I saw Ladi, and she is amazing! I felt heard, accepted, and understood.


Personally I work with Emily. I cannot speak highly enough about her approach to my challenges. We have developed a strong working relationship and my life has become so much more solid because of our emphasis on mindfulness. I have been very impressed with this practice, most especially appreciate the weekend availabilities. Thank you Linda and team!


Emily was very kind and attentive. I felt like she was assisting me with my thought process rather than just listening passively.


Linda and her team are very welcoming, professional, and empathetic. I feel very comfortable here. I was having some problems with my insurance and they were very helpful and understanding along the way, especially Herb, who really went out of his way to help me figure out my insurance situation. I have been seeing Eleanor, and I really like her.


The entire office is very professional. I met with Ladi and she is warm and easy to speak to. I had the pleasure of also meeting Linda who seems to be lovely as well.


I began seeing Linda Garcia-Rose during a particularly tumultuous time in my life and I've been seeing her weekly ever since. She completely changed my life for the better. Over the past two years, she's been helping me sort a lot of my triggers and traps and I'm in a much happier, healthier relationship because of her. I'm so grateful for all of the work that she's done.


My surgeon told me that I needed an evaluation from a therapist before I could have Gender Reassignment Surgery, and that it had to be a therapist who had a significant relationship with me. "Significant" meaning several months at a minimum. I felt like this was going to be just one more barrier. But I am so happy I came to Linda's practice. The therapist I'm working with has been very affirming, she has really helped me see myself more clearly and realize that this is definitely the right step for me. I wish I had known her when I first came out to my family. Linda has also been helping me with all the paperwork: the letter for my surgeon, the ton of paperwork for the insurance company, changing the gender marker on my state identification, she's just doing it as part of the whole process. I'm not getting an extra bill for it. And at every step, I have not been a "case" or a "patient" or a "Trans", I'm a whole person. They just treat me like a regular person. As someone who has been gender non-conforming since I was 13, it's a pretty nice feeling.


Eleanor, the person who I saw was and is still to this day fantastic! If you are looking for a therapist I highly recommend her, have seen her every week since my first visit and have been a much better person for it.


They made my insurance understandable (at last!) so I feel confident knowing what to expect The therapist she assigned me to made me comfortable right away I had a very good session and I plan to keep coming back Recommended!


Linda and her practice is wonderful. I have been to many therapists over the years and have never felt as comfortable as I do with Linda. I have been seeing her now for 6 months and my experience has been great. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. More importantly, she truly cares deeply for her patients and that is clear in any interaction with her. I would highly recommend Linda and her practice. 


When I had some insurance issues, Linda went above and beyond with me to figure it out, and that spoke volumes to me about the personal level of care that she has for the patients in her practice. The office itself is lovely, filled with really unique art yet has a very relaxing vibe. Emily is incredibly warm, easy to open up to, and truly listens and responds in a helpful way. We do art therapy together which is new for me, but having an art background I find it incredibly positive. I feel that she takes my history and current afflictions into consideration and has tailored little mindfulness exercises for me during our sessions, which I find not only helpful but such a wonderful sign that she understands the nature of what I am trying to get help with. She even welcomed my partner to come in for a session after I had explained that we were having major communication issues, and she helped us both so much. I feel extremely lucky to have found this practice and my therapist after having my fair share of negative therapy experiences and would highly recommend them. This is a gem.


Love Linda and everyone who works with her. My therapist is flexible, caring, and understanding. Everyone is extremely professional and kind. Truly enjoy my appointments.


Linda is extremely insightful and truly cares about helping you from the surface to the root of who you are. She listens carefully and asks thoughtful questions. She guides you in the process of discovering yourself deeper and the best way for you to move and live in everyday life. I'm looking forward to continuing my relationship with her, reaping the benefits of her therapy and improving my life


Although it was my first appointment, I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Garcia-Rose. She was very friendly and easy to talk to but set clear boundaries to establish the professional relationship, which I appreciate. She also understands that finding a psychotherapist depends heavily on the patient so she didn't pressure me to book another appointment at the end of our initial meeting, but because of her ability to connect with a usually guarded person (AND her therapy dogs!) I gladly did. I look forward to working with Dr. Garcia-Rose on a weekly basis!


Linda is caring, insightful, honest and very warm. So glad I found her. She really has a away of helping you lay it all out without making you feel judged or wrong about the way you feel or have felt.


Over the year and a half that I've been coming to Linda's practice, my anxiety level (the thing that brought me in) has improved immeasurably. But for me, that was just the start. I'm not just less anxious, I'm more happy. I am a better husband, a better Dad and a better worker. This winter I had a particularly traumatic experience, and I started having anxiety attacks again. My therapist, Nora, referred me to one of her colleagues, Andrew, who is an expert in Bio-Feedback. What he taught me about managing my own physical reactions to stress was life changing. After a few sessions with him, I went back to working with Nora. Who, by the way, has an amazing ability to create a sense of safety so I can talk about what's going on. She has great insights into the big picture, not just the smaller details of what's going on in my life. For me, it's been a great experience. Great.


Linda's team is amazing. I have been there for several weeks now, and I feel I am really getting some insights into myself and making progress. My wife decided to come as well, and we are seeing another therapist there to improve our communication as a couple. We are starting to feel a lot more confident handling disagreements now. I can't say enough about how thrilled I am to have found Linda after looking in my network for so long. I couldn't find a therapist anywhere downtown who would take my insurance. Her office staff helped me understand my insurance (for the first time) and they take care of all the billing and paperwork. Thank you Linda!


I worked with Ladi to help me overcome my anxiety issues, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. She was extremely patient and endearing when listening to me and offered insightful skills and exercises to help me work through the problems I was facing. After only 2 sessions with Ladi, I felt empowered and refreshed to face the anxiety that once crippled me and made it hard to get through everyday tasks. I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her to anyone who needs a “tune-up” to help identify and conquer their anxiety. 


Linda and her team are great. I’ve never been to any other Doctor who treats me this way. From the initial phone call, the welcome letter, explaining my insurance, setting me up with the right therapist, and OMG the offices are filled with beautiful art. I have been made to feel special throughout the entire process. I was pretty nervous when I went in and my therapist made me feel comfortable right away. They handle all the insurance issues for me and that alone is a huge worry off my back. Thank you so much for offering such caring services.


Ruschelle was fantastic and therapy has been transformative for me - I would certainly stick with her if my employer's insurance plan hadn't changed. This was my first experience in therapy (long overdue). She is a very empathetic and compassionate listener, but also very sharp and rational in guiding you through your feelings and helping you reach insight. She was very helpful in talking me through finding and transitioning to a new therapist as well, and I'd certainly recommend her to anyone seeking a safe space to talk, especially those trying to deal with trauma and family issues.


I definitely feel our relationship was helped by meeting with Andrew and that is what matters most in this review. Office, even tho subterranean is fine and not weird to be in. Only criticism is he tends to waste 10-15 min of the appointment time either doing stuff in the office or small talk not related to our appointment then still ends the appointment right on the dot.


Linda is great! I have been seeing her for almost 8 months now. She seems to ask all the right questions that really put things into perspective for me. I have enjoyed my time with her and continue to enjoy it! I even referred my mother to her, who now also sees her regularly and would not think of going to anyone else


Linda is simply incredible. She made working with my insurance SO easy and u stressful. She has amazing emotional intelligence, she's an excellent listener, and she's not one of those cliche therapists who says "and how does that make you feel?" after everything you say. She gave me incredible advice I can actually apply to the issues I am going with, and she tells it like it is (in the most professional way). I am definitely coming back to her. Oh and her office is beauitful and spacious with an amazing view of the water. I really really like Linda's style. Haven't looked forward to therapy until I met her.  


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