Interactive Therapy with Psychotherapists and
Business/Life Coaches with Extensive Human
Services and Business Experience


We work with Children, Couples, Individuals and Families.

Most Insurances Accepted (PPO) (this depends upon your specific plan)

(Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire, United Healthcare Choice Plus, Oxford PPO (Liberty & Freedom), Qualcare & Others).

We are a Practice of highly talented Psychotherapists. We believe in real, practical Transformative Psychotherapy focusing on more than just symptoms, helping each client live his/her happiest life through Positive Psychology. We use Mindfulness Techniques to help understand your thoughts and feelings and how these manifest in your body: yesterday, today and projecting into the future.

Our team has deep training and experience in a wide range of specialties, including: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, Depression, Trauma and PTSD, Eating Disorders, Sexuality and Kink, Death/Dying/Hospice, Bipolar Disorder, Relationships issues, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Personality Disorders, Chronic Pain, Adoption/IVF/Surrogacy, Spirituality, LGBTQA, Positive Child Rearing and Business Coaching.

We utilize Interpersonal and Analytical Skills to Enable Individuals, Children, and Families to Improve Their Lives. Sessions Focus on Helping Clients Define and Reach Their Life Goals. The Theoretical Approach is Based Upon: Positive Psychology, Object Relations, ACT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Art Therapy and Psychotherapy. We also utilize Bio-Feedback and Hypnosis.

In Couples Therapy we also utilize the Gottman Method, which is based upon four decades of research with more than 3,000 couples. It is the most extensive study ever done on marital stability and divorce prediction.



  • English

  • Spanish


  • We work with all sexual orientations and gender identities


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➤ 81 Worth Street,New York, NY 10013 (Between Church and Broadway)

➤ 111 Murray Street, Suite 37W, NY 10007 (Corporate HQ)

☎ (212) 566-5373 - Corporate
☎ (646) 250-8212 - Cell



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Our Work is Focused on Helping People Live their Happiest and Most Fulfilled Lives Possible.
We Utilize Interpersonal and Analytical Skills to Enable Individuals, Children, and Families to Improve: Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically and Financially. Our Approach is Eclectic focused on Helping Clients Define and Reach Their Life Goals...


Enabling Individuals to Improve: Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically and Financially
Emotionally, Physically, Psychologically and Financially, Achieving Your Life Goals, Planning and Achieving Promotions and Career Changes, Preparing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters, Preparing for Important Internal and External Meetings...


Counseling Focused on Managing the Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Helping Trauma Survivors and Their Families. Have You Been Experiencing the Following Symptoms? 

  • Intense Fear

  • Feeling Frightened by Various Sounds, Smells, Times of Day, or Place,

  • Increased Anxiety, Increased Sadness or Depression...



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Our offices are located in Tribeca.

We have two locations:

  • 81 Worth Street,New York, NY 10013 (Between Church and Broadway)

  • 20 River Terrace, Suite 23B, New York, NY 10282 (Corporate HQ)







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